Collection: Turbo Jet Air Freshener

Introducing Turbo Jet Air Freshener, the perfect car spray for the modern world. Formulated with an antimicrobial agent, our car spray effectively destroys odours and microorganisms to create a pleasant and sanitary environment in any vehicle.

Our highly perfumed odour neutraliser comes in a convenient 500ml size, perfect for use in a variety of settings including offices, conference rooms, toilets, cars, taxis, minibuses, and coaches. No matter the size of the enclosed space, Turbojet Air Sanitiser has the power to eliminate odours and leave behind a lasting fragrance. 8 different fragrances to choose from: Savage, Rada, Greed "Irish tweed", Bubblegum, Fresh Linen, Lemon Sherbert, Cherry and Watermelon.

Thanks to its unique design, Turbo Jet Air Freshener is able to deliver a high-volume burst of perfume instantly and effectively. The turbo valve and actuator work together to ensure that even the largest enclosed spaces receive the benefits of our sanitiser.

Not only does Turbo Jet Air Freshener Sanitiser provide a clean and fresh environment, but it also offers peace of mind knowing that your space is free from harmful micro-organisms. Whether you're at home or in the workplace, Turbo Jet Air Freshener is the perfect solution for eliminating odours and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Don't settle for a stale and unpleasant environment. Choose Turbo Jet Air Freshener Sanitiser and experience the benefits of a clean and fragrant space. Keep your home, office and car clean & fresh. Optimal effectiveness antibacterial formulation.

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