Designer inspired by fragrances & Dupes Perfumes Chart

The best way to buy dupes perfumes, inspired by fragrances or copies of your favourite designer fragrances is to shop for them at Atik Perfumes. We offer a huge selection of perfume dupes and knockoffs. Designer-inspired and alternative fragrances by Atik Perfumes. Best Perfumes for Women & Men, Fragrances, Copycats Perfumes & Aftershaves, Fragrance Oils & Perfume Oils that are nearly identical to the pricey high-street brands. Arranging perfumes can be a difficult, time-consuming (yet important!) task. We all have favorites we love to smell, but no one wants to carry around a giant bottle everywhere we go. A quality #fragrance that smells just like your favorite #designer scent is hard to come by. Fortunately, we deliver the incredible aromas and scents of our Luxury Perfumes Dupes as close as possible for a fraction of the cost. Buy today and enjoy this incredible Inspired by fragrances for years to come. When it comes to fragrances, it's not uncommon for some people to find that they have a hard time finding what they're looking for. Whether you're looking for your favorite designer brand or a scent that reminds you of home, we offer the best possible option in our Collections.

Inspired by Fragrances Designer Dupes Perfumes Chart

Dupes Perfumes are handcrafted in small batches and all of our fragrances are cruelty-free. We use the highest quality ingredients to give you the most authentic designer fragrance experience at an affordable price.

Aliens Thierry Mugler
Angels Thierry Mugler
 Aventis  Creed Aventus
Aventis for Her Creed Aventus
Avo Bath Lush
Black leather & Cade Fragrance Oil Molton Brown
Black Orchid Tom Ford
Blackberry & Bay Jo Malone
Bos Boss
Bos Orange Female Boss
BOS Orange Boss
Code Female Armani
Code Male Armani
Daisy Flower Marc Jacobs
Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Jo Malone
Diamonds Armani
Eternity Female Calvin Klein
Eternity Male Calvin Klein
Fantasy Britney Spears
Fierce Abercrombie & Fitch
Good Girl Carolina Herrera
Jadores Dior
KC1 Calvin Klein
One Millio Paco Rabanne
Original Coco Chanel
Oud Woods Tom Ford
Pomegranate Noir Jo Malone
Savage Dior
Si Armani
Snow Angel Lush
Tobacco & Vanilla Tom Ford
Tuscany Leather Tom Ford