About us and Our Mission

How we got here and what we do?

A brief introduction about us Atik Perfumes: We are a well-known online retailer of fragrance oils and perfumes with designer influences. Since our founding of the company in 2020, it has been our goal to offer consumers fragrances that are of the highest calibre yet are also reasonably priced and inspired by the newest designer fragrances.

Because we at Atik Perfumes are so passionate about perfumes and fragrances, we are always on the hunt for the newest trends and scents to use as inspiration for our own creations. Our perfumes are not only reasonably priced but also long-lasting, of the best quality, and made with only the finest ingredients and cutting-edge procedures.

We provide a variety of aromatic oils in addition to perfumes for use in candles, diffusers, and other products. Our fragrance oils are expertly crafted to accurately replicate the scents of well-known designer perfumes, allowing you to indulge in your favourite scents at a fraction of the price.

With a large selection of perfumes and fragrance oils to fit every taste and price range, we take great pride in being top-rated merchants on eBay, Etsy, and our own website. Everyone can find something they enjoy among our selection of timeless classics as well as the newest trends.

As a family-run company, Atik Perfumes takes great pride in providing outstanding customer care and assistance. We offer free shipping on all orders within the United Kingdom, and our helpful and educated staff is always available to assist you in selecting the ideal fragrance.

Since we think everyone should have access to premium fragrances and colognes, we provide our goods at competitive pricing. In order to give our customers in addition to our wide range of perfumes, car fresheners, and fragrance oils, we also offer a variety of travel sets, perfume bottles, and fragrance oils. Everybody can find something they love at Atik Perfumes, whether they want to treat themselves or give thoughtful gifts.

We are proud of our reputation as top-rated sellers on eBay and Etsy, and we are committed to maintaining it by always giving our customers the best perfumes and fragrances at affordable prices. We are grateful that you chose Atik Perfumes, and we are eager to help you discover the perfect scent. the greatest experience possible, we go to tremendous lengths to guarantee that each and every product is of the finest quality.

We provide a variety of travel sets, perfume bottles, and fragrance oils in addition to our extensive selection of perfumes, car fresheners, and fragrance oils. Atik Perfumes offers something for everyone, whether you want to treat yourself or give the ideal gifts.

Our reputation as a top-rated seller on eBay and Etsy, it's something we are proud of, and we are dedicated to keeping it by continuing to offer our customers the highest quality perfumes and fragrances at competitive prices.

We appreciate that you chose Atik Perfumes, and we are eager to assist you in finding the ideal fragrance.

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