Collection: Sovereign Turbojet Air Sanitiser Blast Can

Sovereign Turbojet Air Sanitiser Blast Can Air Freshener

Designer Fragrances for the Modern World! Aerosols Highly Perfumed Odour Neutraliser 500ml

Introducing Turbojet Air Sanitiser, the perfect car spray for the modern world. Formulated with an antimicrobial agent, our car's spray effectively destroys odours and microorganisms to create a pleasant and sanitary environment in any vehicle.

Offices and meeting rooms toilets, automobiles, taxis, minibuses, and coaches Turbo Jet Air Sanitiser is a high-performance, high perfume content solution designed to eradicate smells rapidly while leaving a lingering scent in all enclosed places, large or small.

Sovereign Turbojet Air Sanitiser Blast Can have been mainly developed to send a high volume burst into big and tiny enclosed areas, such as automobiles, caravans, offices, conference rooms, marques, restrooms, machine rooms, and any other enclosed environments, whether at home or at work.

The Sovereign Turbojet Air Sanitiser is a one-of-a-kind design that accomplishes this through a turbo nozzle and actuator, which releases vast volumes of scent instantaneously and in large quantities.

We also have a massive collection of Designer inspired car diffusers and car air fresheners check them out on our website: We are committed to delivering high-quality designer Inspired by fragrances, and alternative & Copycat perfumes at a reasonable price.

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